huiles essentielles bois - 10mL
Huile Essentielle

Tropical Blossom

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Let yourself be transported to a world of serenity with our essential oil inspired by the woodlands. Tropical Blossom, a blend of essential oils, is a true invitation to reconnect with nature. It also evokes forest walks, offering you an awakening experience that immerses you in a state of deep well-being.


  • Organic Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (Canada): Woody, smoky, and warm, this oil soothes, purifies, and stimulates courage.
  • Organic Cypress Essential Oil (Madagascar): Its woody aroma centers and restores emotions, providing an uplifting experience.
  • Organic Pine Essential Oil (Canada): This oil inspires joy, reminiscent of forest walks.
  • Organic Sage Essential Oil (India): Its herbaceous aroma aims to purify energies and soothe the mind.
  • Vanilla Boosted Extract (Madagascar): sweet and sensual, it brings a softness to this woody essential oil blend.


Stimulating and Invigorating: This blend of essential oils is inspired by forest walks. It offers a soothing and inspiring experience.

The woody essential oil is your passport to a natural experience of deep well-being. Enjoy these calming aromas and the rich blend of essential oils that evoke nature at its best.


How to use:

Add 15 to 25 drops to a diffuser to scent your space.

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