Lorsque vous achetez un produit QuinteScent Heritage, vous participez au développement durable de la région de l'Océan Indien
When you purchase from QuinteScent Heritage, you contribute to the sustainable development of the Indian Ocean region.
"Ravies de vous rencontrer ! Nous sommes deux soeurs, Noorène et Elya, et de grandes admiratrices du patrimoine de notre pays d'origine : Madagascar.
Two Sisters, One Mission

Delighted to meet you!

We are two sisters, Noorène and Elya, and we hold a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage of our home country: Madagascar.

Our goal is to take you on a journey through the world's best essential oils, with their exceptional scents and unmatched therapeutic benefits.

The lands surrounding the Indian Ocean are world-renowned for their unique aromatic and medicinal plants, as well as their production of premium quality essential oils. In Madagascar alone, over 80% of the plants are endemic, meaning they exist nowhere else!

For the past two years, we have been known in Quebec for taking you on a journey through our premium quality essential oils, and you swear by them! It brings us great pleasure to know that our products contribute to your well-being and make you smile every day!

Non seulement nos huiles offrent un voyage sensoriel dans l'Océan Indien mais elles contribuent aussi à la biodiversité régionale !

Environmental Sustainability

Our local producers cultivate aromatic and medicinal plants to preserve the unique natural environment of this region. This means each bottle of high-quality oil is infused with tradition, culture, and passion.

Join us in making a sustainable choice that benefits both you and the environment. Support our local producers and enjoy the fruits of their commitment to preserving the region's natural beauty.

Socio-economic Development

Our team works closely with passionate and proud local producers who have a rich cultural and botanical heritage. They are experts in producing high-quality essential oils, drawing upon generations of experience.
Our business practices are based on sustainability and equity. By supporting our local producers, we empower them to become self-sufficient and improve their quality of life, as well as that of future generations. Join us in making a positive impact today!

Non seulement nos huiles offrent un voyage sensoriel dans l'Océan Indien mais elles contribuent aussi à la biodiversité régionale !

Honoring the ancestral plants and remedies of the Indian Ocean region.

Our ancestors have always used plants for health and healing. Today, many communities in the Indian Ocean continue to use and develop these alternative medicines, drawing inspiration from treasures offered by nature.

Help us spread this knowledge in Canada!


In our pursuit of effective and innovative products, we collaborate with two research and development teams. The first, based in Madagascar, draws inspiration from the rituals and traditions of our Indian Ocean region ancestors. Meanwhile, our second team in Canada formulates and tests our blends in our laboratories.


To offer you blends of unparalleled quality, we source the finest ingredients from the Indian Ocean region. To produce our oils, we use only 100% natural raw materials. Each batch of oil undergoes quality checks conducted by our control team.

Open and Responsive

We are here to answer all your questions. Feel free to reach out to us through social media, our 'contact' section, or via email to learn more about our products.