Each aromatic plant is cultivated in its country of origin. We work with local women to harvest the plants sustainably, without uprooting them. Only leaves and flowers are carefully picked to protect the ecosystem for future generations.


The harvested plants are then distilled on-site to extract the essential oil, separating it from the water. It takes approximately 100 kg of plants to produce 1 liter of oil!

Various methods are employed depending on the plant:

Steam Distillation

This method involves boiling plant parts (leaves, stems, flowers, etc.) in water to produce steam containing aromatic molecules. The steam is then cooled to condense the essential oil and floral water. The two liquids are separated, and the essential oil is collected.

Cold Pressed Method

This method involves pressing plant parts to extract essential oils. It is often used for hard-shelled fruits, such as citrus.

CO2 Extraction

A highly modern and costly method used to extract our vanilla essential oil. It yields essential oils of very high quality. The plant material is exposed to a stream of CO2, increasing the pressure and naturally rupturing the aroma sacs.

At QuinteScent, we only take the first fraction because you deserve the best of the best! The first drops of essential oils are considered the purest and of the highest quality, as they contain the highest concentration of natural aromatic components found in the plants. This ensures the effectiveness and potency of the oil, as well as its superior quality.

Quality Control

Once the essential oil arrives in Canada, a quality analysis is conducted to ensure that it meets the required standards of purity and efficacy.

Our Commitment

QuinteScent Heritage preserves wild plants and rare plant species by cultivating them on dedicated lands instead of harvesting them from the wild. This enhances biodiversity by planting other species of plants and trees to protect the soil and the ecosystem. Moreover, farmers receive fair prices to promote sustainable agriculture.