Bath & Body oils

 huile hydratante à chaque matin pour son hydratation nourrissante et son parfum délicieux, offrant une expérience de soins de la peau plus luxueuse.

Vanilla Caviar

Noorène, our co-founder, loves using Vanilla Caviar. This bath & body oil not only hydrates but also brings a sense of luxury to her daily skincare routine with its delightful scent.

L'association des huiles essentielles calmantes infusées dans de l'huile de Jojoba hydrate en profondeur.

Om Bliss

Elya, on the other hand, likes to use Om Bliss as a bath oil! The blend of soothing essential oils infused in Jojoba oil provides deep hydration. It's a perfect choice for a relaxing evening skincare routine.