Our Story and Mission:

1. Participate in sustainable development in the Indian Ocean region:

Environmental development: In the Indian Ocean, essential oil production plays a key role in protecting nature. Producers of essential oils are responsible for much of the reforestation of forests with aromatic and medicinal plants. By encouraging its producers, we encourage the protection of this rich nature which is unique to these countries. Our products are made only with natural and vegan ingredients and are not tested on animals. To send your precious packages, we prefer reusable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging using materials such as recycled cardboard and corn starch bubbles.
Social and economic development: Our team works hand in hand with our producers. We value their agricultural heritage, as well as their passionate and high-quality work by ensuring that our trade remains sustainable and fair.

2. Pay homage to the ancestral plants and remedies of the Indian Ocean region:

Our ancestors have always used plants for health and healing. Today, many communities across the Indian Ocean continue to use and develop these alternative medicine methods, drawing inspiration from the treasures of nature. We want to protect this know-how and highlight these aromatic and medicinal plants by offering you effective products inspired by these traditions.

3. Share these rituals and secrets in Canada:

Innovation: In order to offer effective and innovative products, we work with two teams of Research & amp; Development. The first, located in Madagascar, focuses on the rituals and traditions of our ancestors from the Indian Ocean region. While the second, located in Canada, formulates and tests our blends in our laboratories.
Quality: In order to offer you oil blends of incomparable quality, we look for the best ingredients that the region offers of the Indian Ocean. For the production of our oils, we only use 100% natural and vegan raw materials. Each batch of oil is subjected to a strict control carried out by our quality team.
Listening: To meet the demands and needs of our customers, we listen to our community to find solutions and formulate products adapted to their desires