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Nice to meet you. We are two sisters, Noorène and Elya, and huge admirers of our heritage. QuinteScent Heritage® was born during a family diner, following a discussion based on our passion for essential oils.

Our products are inspired by Mother Nature, a land full of treasures, and by the rituals and traditions of the Indian Ocean communities, each promoting their cultural and agricultural heritage.

We find the need to share these ancestral rituals in Canada, by offering blends of essential oils. From then on, we forged strong links with passionate producers across East Africa, the Vanilla Islands, and Southeast Asia.

Our team works every day to offer you blends of the best natural extracts, which we hope will revolutionize your daily life and that of your loved ones.

We wish you a beautiful aromatic journey with Quintescent Heritage®!

When you buy a QuinteScent Heritage product, you:
Participate in sustainable development in the Indian Ocean region

Honor the ancestral plants and remedies of the Indian Ocean region

Our ancestors have always used plants for health and healing. Today, many communities across the Indian Ocean continue to use and develop these alternative healing methods, drawing inspiration from the treasures of nature. We want to protect this know-how and highlight these aromatic and medicinal plants by offering you effective products inspired by these traditions.

Help us sharing these rituals and secrets in Canada


To offer efficient and innovative products, we work with two Research & Development teams. The first, located in Madagascar, focuses on the rituals and traditions of our ancestors from the Indian Ocean region. While the second, located in Canada, formulates and tests our mixtures in our laboratories. Our products are Proudly Canadian!


To offer you oil blends of incomparable quality, we seek out the best ingredients that the Indian Ocean region has to offer. To produce our oils, we only use 100% natural and vegan raw materials. Each batch of oil is subjected to strict controls carried out by our quality team.


To meet the requirements and needs of our customers, we listen to our community to find solutions and formulate products that meet their needs.

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